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Helicopter: Air Ambulance


Helicopter: Air Ambulance puts you in control of an advanced rescue helicopter. This game is is the most exciting and realistic helicopter flight simulator available! Life and death is in the balance and everything depends on your helicopter piloting skills!Helicopter: Air Ambulance features realistic, finely-tuned controls, once you master them you’ll be able to fly quickly and smoothly across beautifully rendered 3D terrain.
You’ll have your nerves and skills tested in 20 difficult rescue missions, can you master each one and gain a coveted 3 star rating?
Helicopter: Air Ambulance Features:
Realistic helicopter simulation controls including pitch, rotor speed and yaw.
Play in first and third person perspective.
Vertical position camera allowing for precision maneuvers when landing and picking up or dropping off patients.
Detailed HUD system including all essential flight information: airspeed, ascent/descent speed, altitude, ground altitude, motor blade rotation speed, remaining fuel, mission timer and engine power switch. You have total control of your rescue helicopter!
Detailed 3D environment including cities, mountains, seascapes, villages, bridges and forests. All including detailed texturing and lighting effects.
Refuel your chopper at designated refueling stations to keep the mission on course!
Rescue Missions include:
Rescue patients suffering from broken bones and bear attacks in the woods!
Pick up sailors from a sinking ship!
Save people from a burning building!
Free Roam Mode Feel like just taking to the skies? You can go anywhere in the bonus Free Roam mode! You have unlimited fuel and no time limits, you can explore the beautiful map and practice your helicopter handling skills. Perfect for building up your skills so you can achieve a three star medal for all 20 missions!